Download CyberGate v1.07 Full Version


Download CyberGate v1.07 Full Version and get hands on to the one of the most powerful remote administration tool available on internet.

CyberGate is one of most powerful remote administration tool. RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is a specifically coded tool for malicious activity that allows a remote device to take complete control of a system as if they’re having physical access to that system. While desktop sharing and remote administration have many legal uses, “RAT” software is usually associated with unauthorized or malicious activity.

CyberGate is a powerful, fully configurable and stable Remote Administration Tool coded in Delphi that is continuously getting developed. Using cybergate you can log the victim’s passwords and can also get the screen shots of his computer’s screen. Download cybergate v1.07 full version without paying a single penny.Download CyberGate v1.07 Full Version

Download CyberGate v1.07 Full Version – Features

You can find out few of the prominent features of CyberGate v1.07 RAT.

  1. Reverse connection Remote Administration Tool.
  2. Multi port support
  3. UAC bypass on server
  4. Password recovery tool
  5. Chat feature
  6. File manager
  7. Registry editor
  8. Processes manager
  9. Socks 4/5 Proxy
  10. Http Proxy
  11. Mass features
  12. Remote desktop (with capture)
  13. Remote webcam view (with capture)
  14. Capture audio
  15. Remote download and execute
  16. DOS prompt
  17. Active ports list
  18. Server control (update, disconnect, restart)
  19. Remote open HTTP URL
  20. Send file and execute
  21. Remote Power Options
  22. URL browser (with hidden feature)
  23. Multi-user keylogger/file search
  24. GUI Connection log
  25. Task managers for client and server
  26. Task logs
  27. Automatically map ports if your router supports uPnP
  28. GeoIP server tracking
  29. Webloader
  30. Includes many other Fun Panel features.

Download CyberGate v1.07 Full Version

Click here to download CyberGate v1.07 full version. Password is EHT.

If you find out any problem in using this tool, you can check out other best remote administration tools.

Feel free to share your review about this tool in the comments section below.


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