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Download BlueBorne Full Version


Download BlueBorne Full Version – a super powerful bluetooth devices hacking tool.

BlueBorne is an advanced bluetooth attack vector tool by which hackers can leverage Bluetooth connections to penetrate and take full control over any targeted bluetooth devices. BlueBorne affects computers, mobile phones, and the expanding realm of IoT devices. This  attack is so powerful that it does not even require the targeted device to be paired to the attacker’s device, or even to be set on discoverable mode. download-blueborne-full-version

Armis Labs has identified eight zero day vulnerabilities so far, which indicate the existence and potential of the attack vector. Armis believes that there are many more vulnerabilities await discovery in the various platforms using Bluetooth. These vulnerabilities are fully operational, and can be successfully exploited, as demonstrated in our research. The BlueBorne attack vector can be used to conduct a large range of offenses, including remote code execution as well as Man-in-The-Middle attacks. Download BlueBorne full version.

The dangers of Bluetooth implementations: Unveiling zero day vulnerabilities and security flaws in modern Bluetooth stacks.

Video Demonstration

Download BlueBorne Full Version

Click here to download BlueBorne full version. Password is EHT.


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